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AQue belle epoque 2006 Listen !
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Since all of Ricardo‘s vinyl releases are sold out for a long time and most of all never have been released on CD in full length, Frisbee decided due to worldwide big demand to re-release his work

Reason enough for Mr. Villalobos to gently remix and re-arrange *Que belle epoque* without losing it’s original appeal as the original already has been critically highly acclaimed in early 2000 with comments like: *stirring* (Raveline 2/00), *top class* (De:Bug magazine 1/00), *remarkable* (Groove 1/00).

The 80 minutes CD "Salvador“ (FT CD 011) containing all tracks unmixed in full length plus bonus track is scheduled for May, 8th and will be accompanied by the re-release of the vinyl classic *Salvador EP* (FT 008), scheduled for May 10th.

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