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A1Boy From School (Album Version)
A2Boy From School (Cosmic Sandwich Rmx)
BBoy From School (Erol alkan's Extended Re-Work)

‘And I Was A Boy From School’ : a beautifully melancholy ballad of loss and acceptance, and Hot Chip’s greatest pop moment so far

‘And I Was A Boy From School’ is wonderful in its simplicity; heartbreaking in its honesty: “ We tried, but we didn’t have long, We tried but we didn’t belong…”. But ‘Boy From School’ began life as a Casio waltz, before looking towards the spirit of Giorgio Moroder.

Joe explains: “‘I Feel Love’ by Donna Summer was in my mind. I thought if you could combine that rhythmical power with a beautiful chorus then you could make a dance record that would be much better than most. In fact, the sound of the song is still very gentle, and though I now realize that that is something to be proud of, back then I wanted to compete with people like the DFA.”...

One of the most unusual aspects of ‘Boy From School’, and Hot Chip in general, is the direct contrasting of vocal styles, Alexis often taking the higher ‘female’ lead, and Joe the lower, ‘male’ response, in a world which recalls the classic soul or country and western duets of the past, but is clearly somewhere stranger altogether.

And rather than rich harmonies, they create a denser texture, singing in direct unison, leaving the harmony to the instruments; the effect is quite unique.

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