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02Boy From School
04Over And Over
05Just Like We (Breakdown)
07Look After Me
08The Warning
09Arrest Yourself
10So Glad To See You
11No Fit State

If you want something which evokes the textures of Aphex Twin recordings, Madlib’s sense of deranged hip-hop holiday, the intimacy of Prince’s fantastically claustrophobic parades, and more than merely the spirit of certain wonderful Paul McCartney experiments in disco, Hot Chip would recommend The Warning

"The Warning" is an amalgamation of great song writing and forward-thinking pop-production. It’s an honest record – emotionally and sonically, made by people exploring sound in the warmth of home, not studio, and it is a brittle pairing of voices which sing of love, colours, loss, and warnings.

Hot Chip have made quite a leap with "The Warning", in terms of sophistication and clarity. A deliberately simple tune and lyric, such as ‘Colours’, transcends its initial child-like innocence to seem gorgeous and, somehow, profound.

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