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A1Don’t Trust Me
A2Kiss In The Dark
B2Secret of a Black World Part 2
C1Mogul Project
C2Secret of a Black World Part 1
D1Outlaw World
D2Elysium Planum

Electro at its best comprised of superb production, arrangements, uncompsonic variety in all ways

Satamile is proud to present our first LP Artist signing from France, Umwelt.

As an artist, Umwelt he has been composing electronic music since 1996 and released his first tracks in 1997. He began producing techno and electro on his own labels Shelter and Fundata Records that have met a great success.

Now his sounds are more electro, dark and broken. From the beginning, he has exclusively worke with hardware: this man loves machines .. he doesn’t find computers and softwares very attractive and very sexy...

«Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation» is of the most diverse sounding LP’s for electro that we haveheard or worked on for a long time. This record has a real sonic story to tell from beginning to end, with no fluff tracks. Bound to please the electro headsz and music enthusiasts for years to come !

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