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ASomeone Like You (Freeform Five Remix)
BSomeone Like You (Freaks Remix)

Revl9n : Is it dark and edgy electro-pop? The new wave of post-indie dance? Deviant disco? Disco punk pop?

What can be said with utmost certainty however is that Revl9n are of their time. Combining a belligerent, at times almost confrontational, rock’n’roll aesthetic with an arms aloft collectivist zeal, their boisterous music is at once arty; sexual; liberating; muscular and mysterious.

High on drama, faded glamour and cosmopolitan chic, their album is a call to arms. On the suitably titled first track, ‘United’, they ask ‘What side of this are you on?’. The message is simple: You’re either with us, or against us.

From there the pace is thrilling and unrelenting. "Someone Like You" sounds like Sonic Youth jamming with LCD Soundsystem, while the wonky ‘Walking Machine’ is a pure carnival of sound.

Two remixes courtesy of Freaks and Freeform Five who turn in truly awesome off beat mixes.

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