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A01The Glass Dub
B01The Glass Vocal
B02The Glass Instrumental

Fusing Hip-Hop, R1B, House Music and Punk Rock, Dominique Keegan and DJ Wool aka The Glass deliver the goods hands down

Round Two, "menage à trois on the remix". As we've sais before, if Coco Machete is about one thing it's about everything and this remix is the culmination of that vision.

Bass Driven melodies, hip-hop scratching, rock drums, haunting harmonies and plenty of cowbell will have these mixes driving people wild from every walk of life, it can't be denied. With a tricky arrangement and new vocal effects, The Glass gives D'Boldiss a much more agressive approach to the song.

The dub on the A side gives it to you straight jackin', driving it all tha way home and turning out at the break. The Glass Vocal on the flip side takes a more, dare I say 'traditional' approach to the song ready for the radio, the car, the club, your house party, the streets. "I hope your knees ain't weaking up on me !" Look out for original productions from The Glass on Plant Music and their CD "The Sound of Young New York".

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