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La Baleine

AThe Magician
(Thomas Schumacher Remix)
(Destillat Remix)

These are the first of a couple of remixes that have been drawn from the original tracks of Johannes Heil's notorious "Freaks R U" album

Let’s start with Germany’s dyed-in-the-wool producer Thomas Schumacher’s treat on "The Magician". Schumacher reduces the tempo of the original and adopts the brass like bass, puts it to the fore, adds some shaker action and numerous handclaps and is thus marching forward undeviatingly. A self rollin’ ceaseless groove and pure musical magic!

Next in line is devilish duo Destillat who succeed to top "Artology"’s happily jumping mood and deliver one of their finest works yet.

While pumpin’ up the bass drum, they stay relatively close to the original, yet they do it in a more easy and elastic and vibrant way. And when Destillat add this little mysterious`n spooky touch, they create a fabulous piece of music. It’s the extra icing on the cake that Destillat understand to do so well.

So check out both of these wicked remixes and put them in your box of delights !

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