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La Baleine


Misc. are back on Klang Elektronik with another "opus de steel"

Hammering out brute beats en masse, they start with the thunderous »Goetterfunken«. Over hard driving basslines, Misc. serve up some straight kickin’ music on a platin plate. Hissing hi hats and cymbals add enough dirtiness to make it sexy for the dancefloor. Roll over Beethoven!

"Silhouette" has a much lighter approach than both other tracks on this 12“. It sounds a bit like New Order in a way and could easily be used as the soundtrack for a documentary flick about a rally. Misc. step back and create a wonderful piece of stark and cool elegance.

Could you unravel the mystery of "Unravel" ? Well, there’s no real mystery to it. This closing track is a posit for dark grooves. A "whoops,-here-I-come" kinda thing that makes you want to dance immediately. The Cologne duo didn’t act that straight here and produced a bleak masterpiece of pure functionality.

All in all, three perfect miscellaneous tools to rock the floors, grab them !

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