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La Baleine

B1Mellowmoon 2
B2Assonja Swynja
C1Lucky Go Wild
D1On The Run

With "Trickmixer’s Revenge", Max Mohr delivers his stunning debut album on Playhouse. Watch out for some Kosmische Musik...

Born in Frankfurt am Main on October 3rd, 1962. Currently living in Cologne.

1982-1988: studies of art at the Stadelschule Frankfurt am Main. Participating in various punk bands during this period.

During his studies at the renowned Stadelschule, Max not only creates all different kinds of installations, accessible objects and organic padded cells, but also the first tracks using the Amiga 1000.

Before moving to cologne in 1994, Max spends six months in New York, where he studies the entire city while being deeply immersed in a sphere consisting of artists and musicians. In 2000, Max releases his first record on Playhouse, and the acclaim he gains consolidates his intention to pursue producing music.

The "Trickmixer EP", his third release from the Offenbach label puts Max to the international spotlight. The record has been played by DJ‘s spanning all genres, such as Michael Reinboth, Gilles Peterson and Laurent Garnier, and even appeared in british BBC radio shows.

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