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Sony BMG

01O-Hot Brain
02O-Hot Brain
Fifthy Dukes society
03O-Hot Brain
Destroyed by Pedro & Panama
04O-Hot Brain
Radioclit mix

Paris finest electro pop exports, One-Two, follow up their critically acclaimed album, ‘Love Again’ with a witty slice of new wave punk funk madness

“Beatles for the dancefloors” - Trax Magazine

“One Two are a suave French superhero duo. Battling the hordes of evil, music-hating baddies with a toe curling dose of neon power pop” - Vice Magazine

Their new single, ‘O Hot Brain’ showcases the offbeat pair’s love for 60’s pop bands like The Kinks, The Beatles and The Beach Boys, adding a dash of modern day flavour by the way of Soulwax, The Rapture and The Klaxons.

The French popster’s debut album, ‘Love Again’, brought together catchy pop, heavy percussion and analog synthesizers across its 11 tracks and was extremely well received. ‘O-Hot Brain’ is the second single taken from the LP includes remixes from the who’s who of the current electro crop.

Radioclit come correct on their interpretation, quickening the succession of kick drums and adding synthesizer stabs all over the shop and fellow French New Wavers, Pedro & Panama give it the tres chic touch.

The Filthy Duke’s finish it off in style, cranking the low end in their instrumental take, getting a tad minimal before slipping a vocoder into the mix along with a few cheeky blips and synth lines.

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