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A1A Cause Des Garçons
A2A Cause Des Garçons
Punks Jump Up remix
B1A Cause Des Garçons
TEPR remix
B2A Cause Des Garçons
Riot In Belgium remix

Yelle, the explosive rappin’ french girl, covers an 80’s electro-pop hit, powered by her friend Tepr, Punks Jump Up and Riot In Belgium : a hit in the two hemispheres. Parlez vous français ?

Yelle grew up with music and with France. She played the piano, then went on to acting, and played in a few bands that never made it past the rehearsals, but whatever: she knew she was a born performer.

Yelle is young and pretty; also a very explosive character entering the more rigid French pop scene. This stage freak with a unique flow is fully driving the new non-aggressive girl power scene, focusing on delivering kick-ass lyrics.

She also doesn’t take herself seriously and is refreshingly laidback, especially when she proudly covers the song “A cause des garcons” (“What we do for boys”) a French 80s anthem, so thrilling and amusing, that it looks like a sure hit for the charts this summer.

Tepr has just released a single on Wall of Sound and he’s back with his thrilling remix. While Punks Jump Up is adding all the pop vibe the song needs. Riot In Belgium in their odd style, remembering La Musique tune.

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