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0133 Hz Sentinel Mix
02Gentlemen Drivers Mix
03Max Pask Mix
04In Flagranti Mix
05Architecture In Helsinki Mix
06Curtis Vodka Mix
07Chicus Mix
08Original 33 Hz Mix
09Dj Raze Murdafunk remix
10Victor Rice mix

“Paris, Texas” : a showcase for two of the finest rappers from each hemi-sphere, who show their production skills through a varied collection of remixes

Larry Tee : "Very nice. I think the original version is my favorite. the 33 hz guys are my friends."

Azzido da Bass : "I really like ...big tune "

Si Begg : "Managed to check out the first 2 and the gentleman drivers mix sounds wicked!"

Arveene : "Wicked Ep... feeling the G-funk vibes fav mixes are... Gentlemen drivers mix and Inflagranti both are dope will be playing on the show and in the clubs..."

After releasing their debut album, 33Hz decided to have some fun with their next project. As big fans of Dr. Dre’s “Chronic 2001”, they tracked down Houston’s Devin the Dude and invited him to visit their studio while in New York for a show.

After countless spliffs and a long head bobbing session to Yes’s Fragile, they were able to persuade Devin to drop a rhyme on their new track.

Fast forward to Paris, France spring 2006 and 33Hz has been invited by mr Teki Latex of the the french Hip-Hop crew TTC to play their debut European show at the illustrious Le Paris Paris. The show was grand. Of course, talk soon turned to the Devin track, and 33Hz saw a chance to unite two great lyrical talents from across the Atlantic....

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