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Tapis Rouge : la bande son issue de la rencontre entre les meilleurs producteurs de musique electronique et quelques unes des plus celebres musiques de film

The Tapis Rouge project is the remix soundtrack experience which merges the music of their famous shows with the ingenuity of some of today’s best electronic producers.

Despite hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, Louie Vega (one half of Masters at Work) and Montreal born Jaffa complement one another on an unequivocally warm rendition of "Emballa". The two previously crossed paths when Masters at Work remixed a track taken from Jaffa's debut album, Elevator.

A legend in the New York house scene as a DJ and remixer, Louie Vega couples his penchant for soulfully jazzy latin house with the talents of classically trained Jaffa, a synthesizer aficionado and critically acclaimed producer who blends vintage sounds with modern beats and lush vocals.

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