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(Beanfield Chant Mix)
(C's Movement #1 Carl Craig Remix)

“Tides”: a track full of details and refined arrangements met on complex beats, with emotional vocals

It´s three years since their last release, in between, Beanfield has changed musically, and its personell was reformed. Tobi Meggle left Beanfield as he felt like pursuing his own projects.

Left behind was Jan Krause that first considered to continue solo but soon felt that making music is something that should be shared with another person. And this is how the cooperation with Michael Mettke developed. Mettke played keyboards on the last albums of Trüby Trio and Fauna Flash. When Krause invited Mettke for some of his trademark chords, he felt that Mettke´s keyboard skills, his musical experience and his musical preferences would heavily enrich the Beanfield vibe.

They produced a few tracks together and at a certain point it became clear: Mettke is the new, second half of Beanfield. The two have become closer, musically as well as on an emotional level.

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