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For Brodinski, music is a job. When he’s not playing out in clubs around the world (“plane, hotel, food, burning cd’s, play, hotel, plane, etc”) the young man from Reims is digging – digging for more tunes, secret weapons, future classics, and new inspirations… According to ‘Brodi’, he has the best job in the world.

“I’m a music junkie”, he states. “If I didn’t have music to listen to, I’d turn out into a real junkie and definitely would get in a lot of trouble!”

Trying to pinpoint the exact moment when Louis Rogé went from an aspiring ……… student posing as a weekend turntable warrior to being full time Brodinski, the freshest thing coming out of France since Pernod-on-the-rocks, is hard for the 23-year old.

“About three years ago I decided to drop everything else and go one year full throttle, just to see how far I could take this passion of mine.”

The world wide web and especially MySpace become his biggest allies, soon Brodinski’s musical prestige spreads like global wildfire. Clinging himself to a broadband connection like a dog to a new bone, the self-confessed ‘internet zombie’ manoeuvres himself into the ears and hearts of future fans and colleagues: “One important turning point came when Pedro Winter (aka Busy P, Ed Banger-head honcho and one-time Daft Punk-manager) gave a cd with two of my tracks to Stephen and David Dewaele from Soulwax/2manydjs. They were impressed, and eventually invited me to the very first edition of SoulwaX-mas in their hometown Ghent.
It was a dream come true, I looked up to those guys - 2manydjs were my idols!”

From fan to peer in two easy steps, young Louis – still in his teens – hardly grasps to reality. “They still call me every year to wish me ‘a happy 16th birthday”, he adds grinningly. Brodinski’s first proper release comes in 2007 with Bad Runner, on Mental Groove. Support from the likes of Soulwax, Tiga, Erol Alkan, A-Trak, Switch and Laurent Garnier turn the peak time techno bomb into one the sleeper club hits of said year.

Hot on the heels of his debut EP, remix commissions start barraging the new kid on the block. Louis dabbles with selected output from Klaxons, DJ Mehdi, Das Pop, The Shoes, Buraka Som Sistema, Alphabeat and Mixhell, amongst a legion of others.

The momentum starts picking up speed fast now – a second EP, Oblivion on Turbo Recordings, follows suit. “Go Brodi, go!” say the boys from Radioclit. “Dope shit!” proclaim Crookers. “It zaps my brain!”, shouts Kanye’s tour-DJ A-Trak.

In the meantime, Louis secured a residency behind the decks of Social Club, Paris’ most revered night spot, and Bugged Out! commissions a mix for their acclaimed Suck My Deck-series; an excellent showcase of his broad taste and razor sharp technique.

After a first shot downloaded more than 20 000 times, Brodinski unveils his 'Best of Everything 2'.
The rules were simple : Brodinski sent his favorite electro producers a selection of hip-hop acapellas, and they were invited to re-invent one of them.

More than 15 producers took up the challenge and brought a new life to those standards, delivering 16 remixes (including 12 exclusive ones), proving once more hip-hop and electro can be a perfect match.

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